It may seem really straight forward that it would make sense to compare interest rates in order to work out which loan will give you the best deal. However, there are more factors than just interest rates that you should consider. The cost of the loan is usually the most important factor for anyone deciding which to take out and this makes sense. You do not want to have to pay more than you have to when you are borrowing, especially as it can be really expensive. However, the interest rates are not the only cost of a loan and so if you are lookingRead More →

A holiday is something that many of us really look forward to, a chance to have a break from work and our local area and to get away and relax. This might be with family, friends a loved one or by ourselves. It can be an experience where we learn things, experience a new culture or just have a good break. Many people like to holiday once a year and others even more often, but it can be really expensive. Sometimes we may even borrow money so that we can afford it. But there are ways that you can budget so that you can moreRead More →

There are some people that may have never heard of a credit union, but it is well worth finding out a lot more about them and thinking about how they could benefit you. A credit union is basically a local bank. It is usually only open to members who live within a certain area, although this may change depending on who runs it. It could be that it is for members of a specific trade union or in a certain career, they all differ. They are non-profit making organisations who will provide savings accounts and lend money. They tend to be aimed at those peopleRead More →